West Richland Industrial Process Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project Description:

Wallace Group served as prime consultant for design and construction of an industrial process wastewater treatment facility (IPWTF) to accommodate multiple existing and proposed winery production facilities in the area surrounding the City of West Richland in Washington State. Winery wastewater is characteristically high in strength, and smaller municipal treatment plants cannot support high strength peak loads from winery waste. Wallace Group was asked to provide design expertise in the field of high strength wastewater treatment as the City was investigating alternatives for winery waste treatment. Wallace Group was the prime consultant and the project scope included site grading and drainage design, site layout, composite utility plans, project management, storm water control plan, and coordination of five subconsultants including structural, architect, geotechnical, HVAC, and electrical. Wallace Group worked closely with the treatment system manufacturer to design a custom, prepackaged turnkey membrane bioreactor system. The treatment system design intentionally minimized the overall site improvements necessary for implementation, which kept overall costs low while maintaining flexibility and reliability of the plant as a whole.

Project Highlights:

  • 750,000 cases of wine annually
  • Capacity of 50,000 gallons per day of winery wastewater

Services Provided

Mechanical Engineering
Water Resources
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