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We deliver meaningful, elegant, and cost-effective planning, design, and engineering solutions

Civil & Transportation Engineering

We believe that building better communities requires sound planning and innovative engineering. Wallace Group provides a full spectrum of design and development services which allows us to thoroughly plan any project. We excel in master planning as well as detailed site and infrastructure design. We specialize in Transportation Planning and Engineering with an emphasis on public agency work and coordination with Caltrans. Feasibility studies, project study reports, project initiation documents, project reports, and complete plan, specification and estimate (PS&E) packages for various types of transportation infrastructure are some of the many services we can provide. Our value engineering method is a design approach that is cost effective for Clients by reducing materials and construction costs.

Construction Management

Construction managers build their reputations by keeping a project on track and on time. Our construction managers develop budgets and cash flow projections, work with consultants, and provide scheduling assistance. We handle plan checks, cost estimates, bid preparation and administration, public relations, and outreach during construction. We use the best technology, including Procore, a web-based program tracking software, to help us stay on top of project documentation, even from remote locations. Our vigilance and unparalleled working relationships with contractors and Clients result in innovative solutions.

Landscape Architecture

Creating exceptionally well designed and contextually fitting landscape environments is both art and science. We strive for this mastery in every project and apply our practice and expertise toward effective and responsive solutions that meet Client goals with sustainability in mind. Our knowledge in community planning, park and recreation master planning, and natural resource preservation, mitigation, restoration and management complement our landscape design services. In bridging the natural and built environments with site sensitive designs and culturally enriching experiences, we demonstrate responsibility and stewardship for environmental quality.

Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering Division provides services for the complete life-cycle of a project, beginning with feasibility studies, progressing through operations and maintenance support. We have engineered systems for residential developments and agricultural applications. Our engineers also have vast experience in alternative energy and their related systems. Our mechanical engineers integrate their services with our other divisions, as well as outside consultants, to enable the seamless development of complex systems.

Public Works Administration and Permitting

Public Works Administrators are an essential part of every public works project, managing many aspects of it, facilitating accurate communication, providing fiscal management services, and facilitating permit acquisition. Our Public Works Administrators are actively involved with projects—from grant application to operations and management. We manage projects, coordinate budgets, track capital improvement programs, administer grant funds, and analyze the financials for any project.

Surveying / GIS Solutions

Our Surveying Division specializes in collecting essential measurements to support all Wallace Group divisions. We utilize the latest surveying technology and software to provide highly accurate and useful data for accurate spatial knowledge of any site. From conventional, to robotic, to GPS, our surveyors use the best tools for the job at hand. We provide map checking services for public agencies and often answer staff’s questions about subdivision processes, Certificates of Compliance, the Subdivision Map Act, and the Land Surveyor’s Act.

Water Resources

Water is the world’s most precious resource. Making water a sustainable resource and finding creative ways to utilize all water supply sources is the focal point of our water resources engineers. We provide complete planning, design, and construction management for water, wastewater, stormwater and recycled water systems. Our Water Resources Department is one of the industry leaders when it comes to design and feasibility analysis of water projects, preparing a variety of water resource plans, and staying current on stormwater regulations and ensuring that they are implemented properly. We are dedicated to making sure our most precious resource is used efficiently, conserved judiciously, and treated conscientiously.

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