US 101/Avila Beach Drive Interchange Improvement Project

Avila Beach, CA

Project Description:

The US 101/Avila Beach Drive interchange project is an operational improvement and multimodal project for the County of San Luis Obispo with Caltrans and SLOCOG as strategic partners. This interchange is a key access point to the Avila Beach community for residents and tourists alike. The proposed improvements include a roundabout at the US 101 Southbound Ramp intersection with an adjacent park-and-ride lot. The project improves access for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit while reducing congestion and delay. Wallace Group is the prime consultant and design lead for a team approach to deliver the project. The project includes roundabout design, park-and-ride lot design, significant utility coordination, multi-level wall design, geotechnical investigation, traffic operations analysis, aesthetics and landscape architecture treatments, water quality and hydraulics, environmental review, and Caltrans coordination. Contemporary transportation design focuses on serving the fullest range of users and Avila Beach Drive is no exception. The improvements will allow all users efficient and safe travel through the interchange.

Project Highlights

  • Replace stop-controlled intersection with roundabout
  • Park-and-ride lot with approx. 40 spaces (adjacent to hiking and biking trails and will have a transit stop)
  • Improves safety by reducing vehicle conflict points from 25 to 11 and eliminating the most severe conflict turning moves
  • Reduces vehicular delay at intersection by more than 75%
  • Robust public outreach and simulations efforts
  • Multi-agency coordination including Caltrans and SLOCOG


County of San Luis Obispo

Services Provided

Civil & Transportation Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Surveying / GIS Solutions
Water Resources
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