Templeton Creekside Ranch

Templeton, CA

Project Description:

Wallace Group’s team of Planners, Engineers, Surveyors, and Landscape Architects developed the application and processed a Conditional Use Permit and Vesting Tentative Map for 107 residential single-family homes. The plan included strategic growth principals, water-conserving landscape, low–impact development design elements, provided on-site affordable housing, improved the existing creek habitat, and created several parks. The project created 67 small-lot single-family homes arranged on shared driveways and 40 traditional single-family homes. Wallace Group was able to successfully navigate the complexities of competing interests and agencies, conflicting policies and regulations, design and physical constraints, and obtain support and multiple approvals for this quality residential site design, in which our team stayed involved with through construction completion.

Project Highlights:

  • 107 residential single-family homes
  • Improved existing creek habitat


Coastal Community Builders

Services Provided

Civil & Transportation Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Surveying / GIS Solutions
Water Resources
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