Santa Ynez Indians Planning Kitiyepumu Park

Santa Ynez, CA

Project Description:

Kitiyepumú means Our Playing Place, chosen by the Tribe’s children as a very fitting name for the park. The park, located on the North Reservation in Santa Ynez, includes a large grass sports field, a basketball court with regulation and junior baskets, a tennis court, a sand volleyball court, a play structure with shade sails, five fitness stations along a perimeter path, a restroom building, picnic tables with barbecues, and a parking lot. The park utilizes tertiary recycled water generated from the Tribe’s water reclamation facility for all park irrigation, and has incorporated native, drought tolerant plantings, and stormwater quality treatment areas on a steep and compact site area. To better serve the increased recycled water demands, the Tribe added a new recycled water storage tank to their overall recycled water delivery system.

Project Highlights:

  • 4 acres
  • Drought tolerant native plants
  • 220,000 gallon recycled water storage tank
  • Five retaining walls maximize useable park area


Santa Ynez Indians

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Civil & Transportation Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Surveying / GIS Solutions
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