Pismo Heights Tank and Booster Station

Pismo Beach, CA

Project Description:

Wallace Group, during the Water Master Planning effort for the City of Pismo Beach, identified the need for a new tank and booster station to provide adequate storage and fire flow protection to the hillside community known as Pismo Heights. Wallace Group designed a new 220,000 gallon partially buried, cast-in-place concrete tank located between an existing two-story home and another partially buried 220,000 gallon concrete tank built in the 1950s. In addition, Wallace Group designed a booster station capable of providing domestic and fire flow, water system upgrades, and site improvements that included new retaining walls to hold back soil between the site access/parking area and a neighboring property, two new parking stalls for City Staff, drainage modifications, and reconstruction of the failing street. Due to the small site footprint and steep slope, the site posed significant design and construction challenges.

Project Highlights:

  • 220,000 gallon partially buried cast-in-place concrete tank
  • 1,500 gpm booster station


City of Pismo Beach

Services Provided

Surveying / GIS Solutions
Water Resources
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